Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.      Alexander Graham Bell

Why would you want to complete the Crystal IDC Prep?
Here at Crystal we include the PADI IDC prep as a regular part of our PADI IDC, we want you to be awesomely successful! Our PADI IDC prep consists of Dive Theory revision and Dive Skill Demonstrations. The dive theory covers the 5 subjects : Physiology, Physics, Recreactional Dive Planner, Skills and Environment and Equipment.

For some, it may not of been that long ago since you completed your Dive Master training and the theory and dive skills are still reasonably fresh in your mind. For others, it may have been quite some time ago and things are not so clear! We have found over the years, candidates that have completed our IDC prep course do perform better during the IDC itself. This is probably due to the fact that now the information and skills are very fresh in the mind, the candidate no longer worries about their theory and skill level so can concentrate 100% on the PADI IDC.

Extra benefits, the IDC prep also gives all the candidates a chance to get to know each other and the Course Director prior to the start of the IDC. This allows for a more relaxed learning environment!

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